Visual Effects

Fx Reel 2016

Latest feature I worked on was The Boss Baby. It involved some liquid formula effects, cake work, and a snow fall system. Here’s the raw reel

Boss Baby Raw Reel

Trolls involved a lot of designed and manually animated effects. Noteworthy is a “Hair Fire” system which has the dynamics of fire but the looks of hair. Following is the raw reel

Trolls Raw Reel

Before this in Penguins of Madagascar, I worked on the visual development of a general style of the explosions in the movie. Created a water meshing system for liquid simulations for the Venice boat ride sequence, using OpenVDB technology, for various artists to use in their shots. More work can be seen in the raw reel embedded below

Penguins Raw Reel

Puss in Boots was the first movie I worked on. Noteworthy was an ambient dust system on the desert, which will do a large scale but low resolution simulation. This was to be included in various shots, so was automated but had customizability too to meet director’s requirements. See the reel below

Puss in Boots Raw Reel

Other than feature films, there are some “ride and experiences” work as well. Did all FX in the following ride video of MotionGate Dubai

Motion Gate Dubai Raw Reel

Raw reel of Dreamplace Experience

Dreamplace Experience Rides Raw Reel
Dreamplace Experience Skins Raw Reel

And some work in Shrek’s Adventure London

Shrek’s Adventure London Ride Raw Reel

Some shot work in Dragons 2 in the following raw reel

How to Train your Dragon 2 Raw Reel

Lot of quick effects in Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3 Raw Reel