The Making of Krishna Legends – Art, Story and Development

According to the ancient texts, around 5000 years ago, the deranged King Salwa who used to ride in Vimanas (which were speculatively gravity defying flying machines) attacked Dwarka from the sky. Krishna defended the city, and defeated him from the ground. This was a perfect fit to be a game like Space Invaders with RetroContinue reading “The Making of Krishna Legends – Art, Story and Development”

Once upon a time

(Recommended: read the PDF version of this post) Once upon a time there was a University called IIIT Hyderabad. Wonderful people used to live here in harmony. There used to be classes in the morning, some sports in the evening, commencing assignments in the labs, some food in the canteen and sometimes outings. People usedContinue reading “Once upon a time”