Why You Should Use ‘sh’ Syntax Instead of Defaulting to ‘bash’

We are unknowingly doing a mistake in writing our linux shell scripts, and most often we are not paying attention to the syntax according to it’s interpreter. Consider the shell script below: It is a very na├»ve and simple script to install a myservice script at boot (or to remove it). For a casual personalContinue reading “Why You Should Use ‘sh’ Syntax Instead of Defaulting to ‘bash’”

Figma – Know Your App Before Developing it – Free UX Tool

There are two things that make a product developers worry. What is the technology that you are building, is it efficient enough, does it function well, is it innovative, etc.. And second, what is the user experience of it? The tech may be killer, but does the experience justify it. UX’ importance has increased manyContinue reading “Figma – Know Your App Before Developing it – Free UX Tool”

The Making of Krishna Legends – Art, Story and Development

According to the ancient texts, around 5000 years ago, the deranged King Salwa who used to ride in Vimanas (which were speculatively gravity defying flying machines) attacked Dwarka from the sky. Krishna defended the city, and defeated him from the ground. This was a perfect fit to be a game like Space Invaders with RetroContinue reading “The Making of Krishna Legends – Art, Story and Development”

FX Challenge Ray Tracer Render

Back when I was training in Dreamworks Animation to be an FX Artist, we got the task of writing a ray tracer from scratch and create your own interesting scene with existing assets in the internal library. I wanted to stand out and decided to focus on reflections and refractions to be the defining factor.Continue reading “FX Challenge Ray Tracer Render”

Simple and Easy Ray Tracer

This is possibly one of the simplest ray tracer, written not to technically achieve anything, but to understand the basic theory. This code is minimal, written in C, uses just the algorithms needed to trace, very less pointers usage, intentionally brute force, and no use of any external libraries other than ones which come packagedContinue reading “Simple and Easy Ray Tracer”