How to Manage Stress? A Feature of the Western Lifestyle

Stress has become a very important aspect of our daily lives and because it is so intrinsic, it has also unfortunately gotten normalized i.e. we do not pay the attention it requires. I went through a course about Stress Management by my employers. It opened my eyes about the dangers of stress, plus got toContinue reading “How to Manage Stress? A Feature of the Western Lifestyle”

What Bollywood Nepotism Problem tells us about Indian Work Ethics

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s demise has strengthened the discussion around nepotism. The mystery around his death is increasing day by day, and it has become a national issue and is slowly turning political. However I am more interested in talking about what this tells us about the Indian Work Ethics. Nepotism in Bollywood Lot of peopleContinue reading “What Bollywood Nepotism Problem tells us about Indian Work Ethics”

Does Indian Politics fit the Western Left Wing and Right Wing Dichotomy?

We don’t realize this but most of the television that we see is based on Western pop-culture. A lot of the food we eat and the clothes we wear, is based on Western ideas. Technology and Science also come from West. So is the language this post is written in. Even life philosophies seem toContinue reading “Does Indian Politics fit the Western Left Wing and Right Wing Dichotomy?”

So what is Dhantra Studio all about?

Travel across India and you will find unique rich cultures locked in the wilderness of vernacular regions. This includes jaw dropping architecture, beautiful artwork, amazing sculptures, folk stories and historical marvels which will give you goosebumps. But it never leaves those areas, for the local people have that magic right next to their home andContinue reading “So what is Dhantra Studio all about?”

Durga Pooja, Jabalpur, 2013

A very happy Dussehra to all of you. Dussehra in Jabalpur as you know from my previous posts, is celebrated in a grand manner with streets crowded to make four wheelers unfeasible to ride, lots of things to buy and a general festive essence in the atmosphere. Following are some pictures from select places fromContinue reading “Durga Pooja, Jabalpur, 2013”