FX Challenge Ray Tracer Render

Back when I was training in Dreamworks Animation to be an FX Artist, we got the task of writing a ray tracer from scratch and create your own interesting scene with existing assets in the internal library. I wanted to stand out and decided to focus on reflections and refractions to be the defining factor.

I want to share that output with you. Note this is a low resolution photograph of the output. This has received no post processing treatment whatsoever.

Time Pass Artwork #3

Durga Pooja, Jabalpur, 2013

A very happy Dussehra to all of you. Dussehra in Jabalpur as you know from my previous posts, is celebrated in a grand manner with streets crowded to make four wheelers unfeasible to ride, lots of things to buy and a general festive essence in the atmosphere.

Following are some pictures from select places from unaccountable numbers of places Durga Pooja happens all over the city. I wasn’t home this time but thanks to internet we are always connected.

Type 2 Khamaria
Image Courtesy: Devashish Mukerji, Jabalpur
Cantt. Board
City Bengali Club
DB Club Entrance Pendal
DB Club


Q Type Khamaria
Prem Nagar Kalibari
Tagore Colony
Image Courtesy: Aakriti Ghosh, Jabalpur

Other than that, I have been working on this drawing and I want to share it with you. Durga the invincible, the goddess of power:

Only the sketch:

Simple and Easy Ray Tracer

This is possibly one of the simplest ray tracer, written not to technically achieve anything, but to understand the basic theory. This code is minimal, written in C, uses just the algorithms needed to trace, very less pointers usage, intentionally brute force, and no use of any external libraries other than ones which come packaged with GCC by default. The code implements the following lighting models: ambient, diffuse, specular, hard shadows, reflections and one sided refractions. Please find the github link after a sample output, it is shared with the most relaxed license.

Generated Output


This was done for a one day workshop at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus few days ago (for their technical fest ATMOS). The challenge was to teach introduction to computer graphics and the basic theory of ray tracer, in one day, to a wide range of undergraduate students who may not be coming from a computer science background. I hope the students gained something and found it interesting.

Our team: Adi Shayan, Sneha Venkatraman, Yash Agrawal, Shiben Bhattacharjee, Naveen Kumar, Nitish Tripathi