What it takes to be a Game Developer in India?

AID Poster for the Webinar

Got invited to give a webinar at AID Bangalore for Game Development in India. This talk is about an overview of what type of work goes into making a video game. And in turn talks about what it takes to be a workforce in that development, be it as a game programmer, game artist, or a game designer. This talk is open for anyone interested in getting into game development. This is friendly to all audiences, but with a higher focus towards game programmers. I also share my journey into the field.

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Link in bio. . With Gaming becoming almost omnipresent across several platforms globally, the number of opportunities are also remarkably on the rise. In the past few years, with the demand for online Games skyrocketing, Game Development has also become  one of the most sought-after professions. For all of you out there aspiring to make it big in Game Development in India, here is an opportunity to understand what it takes to make it big in the profession. Right from the various career opportunities to the best employing studios in India to the best courses to be learnt to realise your dream profession, you will learn what you seek from a pro with an illustrious professional background.   Mr. Shiben Bhattacharjee, CEO & Founder of an Indie Game Development Studio, Dhantra Studio will throw light on these aspects and many more in a live interactive session, 'What does it take to be Game Developer in India? Mr. Shiben has been with DreamWorks Animation and also in the working committee of SIGGRAPH Local Chapter. He has several years of creative experience in Hollywood animated feature films and has also worked for Big Tech. An IIIT Hyderabad graduate, he is currently working on 'The Vaanar Game', the second big release of Dhantra Studio.   Enroll soon and make the best out of this opportunity.    . . . . . #gamedevelopment #gaming #gamedev #gamedevelopmentindia #dreamworks #vfxartist #technicalartist #gamedesign

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