So what is Dhantra Studio all about?

dhantra studio

Travel across India and you will find unique rich cultures locked in the wilderness of vernacular regions. This includes jaw dropping architecture, beautiful artwork, amazing sculptures, folk stories and historical marvels which will give you goosebumps. But it never leaves those areas, for the local people have that magic right next to their home and are content with that.

The maximum reach this culture gets is when tourists take photographs, but that too gets lost quickly in their travel diaries, again forgotten. Efforts are made by the Government of India for preservation and digitization of various heritage sites, but it still stays within the niche of travelers, historians, archaeologists etc..

Yudhishthara in His Durbar – Mysore Painting

Government aggregates and recognizes the various art styles and can be researched at their websites. And some good folks talk about it in their posts. Never does this makes it way into where we would love to see it, in pop culture!

And we are here to try this tantamount task. We always overlook that Indian mythologies and folk stories are just stories first. They have evolved and been rewritten many times to stay with the contemporary society, and that’s why they are relate-able to our daily lives. We want to bring this to the regular everyday people in the form of video games and in small bytes on social media on the side. We are not going for the masses directly, we are going for the hip popular stage.

For the past generation all this happened through books, then along came TV shows and movies, then made its way into comic books, and now it’s time for it to come to video games. Our focus is creative styles that we see in various traditional art forms and modernizing them.

At Dhantra Studio, we want to bring Indian art and culture in modern art forms, such as and especially video games. We want to explore folk, ancient, historical, mythological, and various other styles indigenous to India in it’s authenticity. We want to make games with a never before seen Indian art style! Krishna Legends is our first attempt at that and we have gotten a fantastic response and is encouraging us to go after bigger and challenging projects.


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