Durga Pooja, Jabalpur, 2011

I am going to show you around how Jabalpur looks during the festive time of Dussehra. You might remember a similar post I posted two years back, and here it is again. This time I got a bit more.

As discussed before, Jabalpur’s Dussehra is craziness. Madhya Pradesh is quite possibly the only state which contains a perfect mix of people from every region in India. From that it derives that a lot of Bengali people are here as well to celebrate Dussehra. However that is only half the reason. Bengali or not, Dussehra is celebrated by every Hindu as well as Sikh over here.

Pandal created by one of the Punjabi celebrations

This does not comes from statistics so I could be wrong but after Kolkata, Jabalpur’s Dussehra is considered biggest.

One very important reason could be that Jabalpur’s a city considered blessed by certain Goddesses, all of whom according to Indian mythology originate from the single Goddess, Parvati. And Dussehra is a celebrated for one of the avatars of Parvati: Durga.

Each of these statues that you see are easily more than 10 feet tall, no questions asked. However, they are made completely green and are light, around just 6 people can lift it.

There are fairs that spread across some of the famous religious locations
and the prices at which you can buy some toys are unbelievable. Not the best finishing which is well acceptable at those rates.

Its probably not visible but that’s a decently big hill and it is decorated with lights. They are showing a small play automated with levers and gears. This is really common here, these plays are shown every half and hour or something at some select places. Half a mile of the road is blocked because everyone wants to see the play.

It is actually quite unique that I am seeing the celebrations at exactly the same streets and corners since as many years as my age.

The amount of detail in the artwork is commendable. If you can see, apart from the statue of the Goddess attacking the monsters, the decoration around involves two women playing a trumpet. There is more if you look closely, people probably skim through all that.

This is a famous location where ever year a very expensive pandal is decorated. There are around 100 small statues around the pandal telling the story of Krishna’s Childhood apart from the very well carved Durga’s statue.

You know I am not even a religious person but I do enjoy this festival in this town. It really brings people together. More photographs follows:

12 thoughts on “Durga Pooja, Jabalpur, 2011

  1. jbp rocks in every department man !! only if we can watch eng movies in theaters i wud rate it as the best city in India 🙂

  2. Wonderful collection! I spent my childhood in Haridwar and I believe Durga Puja celebrations there were very, very grand for such a small city…
    This post has brought back those pleasant memories of the festive season.

  3. Hi Shiben,

    Thank you VERY VERY much for posting these wonderful pictures….they are all beautiful and I absolutely loved all of them…

    These pictures brought back so many memories of Jabalpur…and the times during Durga Puja..

    …there is no another place like Jabalpur, especially during Puja season, so much so that one could feel it in the air…

    ever since I moved out of Jabalpur (its been 3 years), I miss Durga Puja every time….thanks for these pictures…thanks for being so thoughtful and posting them for people (like me) who couldn't attend this grand festival in the religious capital..

    Aditya Moitra

    PS:- if you have any more, PLEASE post them too…besides, good camera work and above all great job!

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