Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Awesomeness

Ohkay, so I got my hands on this cool iMac and Photoshop CS5 was finally available too, so I gave it a try. Apart from touching them up in the regular ways, I tried the content aware thing too! Check it out.
I went to this trip some days back in Bangalore and my friends took some pictures, example one of these below, the electrical lines are quite a distraction…

Yeah, if I don’t want them, they gotta go. There was a guy in the grasses, he gotta hide too!

Now check out that bozo trying to show off riding that bicycle in front of a beautiful cottage, thinks he is a hero…

BAM!!! He is fucking gone! A picture of only the cottage left *. He is not a part of the system. Note that I fixed the broken plaster on the walls too!

Ok, so following picture, the idiots on the road annoy you? No big deal…

Yeah, they are gone, as I said, no big deal.

Now these two images are nice,

Why not put them together and let Content Aware Fill take care of the stitching in between?

Hmmm, so I really like the following picture, but that watermark is pissing me off!

Take that bitch! Prince is kicked out of Persia too

So why are video games always about violence?

Yeah remove all elements of violence *

Hope you guys liked them. Disclaimer that the ones marked (*) needed a little more work. All of this was very much possible in earlier versions of Photoshop too, but what’s amazing here is the ease. Photoshop will be doing most of the stuff.

18 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Awesomeness

  1. Heyyyyyyyyy ………. That was too good ya! Art knows no boundaries……. from drawing to e – drawing, Shiben Rocks!

  2. That is really good! I notice that you like High saturation πŸ˜›

    Man, I guess my clone stamping skills are deprecated now πŸ˜›

    Those were the dayssssss

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