Once upon a time

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Once upon a time there was a University called IIIT Hyderabad. Wonderful people used to live here in harmony. There used to be classes in the morning, some sports in the evening, commencing assignments in the labs, some food in the canteen and sometimes outings. People used to ‘move’ a lot those days.

As technology took further steps some entertainment package started getting increased. People started getting movies they could watch in their room systems. Theatres now would see less number of students from IIIT.

Then came the global almighty WLAN which changed the lives of every guy in this place. Now assignments can be done from room systems their selves. Every system in this place got connected and the labs became cold because of less body heat. People now don’t even wish to go to CD shop or movie club because now a movie is just few clicks away from your own monitor.

Who plays sports now? Multiplayer games started shattering room windows because of high WATT speakers. Grass started coming over the places which were barren because there used to be a cricket pitch there.

Food started coming to your door steps thanks to Pizza’s costs drops and Punjabi Rasoi’s heavy khana. “Lets go out for dinner” Nah! It’s too much of planning! “What about Mess?” I hate that place! “Canteen?” Do we have a constant one?

Since WLAN gave everyone the chance, people were able to show their skills more efficiently. Projects became efficient because of quick access to internet and knowledge. Projects became accessible to all. Even spare time works grew up massively. Some good examples are SMR’s blogroll, multiplayer games info, railway info etc.

Wonderful audio software’s like Skype and Gtalk prevented people to even walk up to their neighbors’ door and knock it. BC was possible through air or wire. Fantastic!

http://news.iiit.ac.in/ prevented people from subscribing to a newspaper. Who reads stuff when someone is reading it for you?

Of course what is not possible with computers? All we needed was a single (yes just a single TV tuner card) and live TV reception started coming to your own desktops!! Wow! No need to go even to the TV room now, 20 meters!!! My god! I will prefer dying than walking for so much distance.

Well some guys sleep in awkward times, they cannot see live stuff right? As well some busy computer-screen-with-black-konsole-lovers cannot see live telecast because of their work. No problem! http://tv.iiit.ac.in/ is a bookmark away from your browser. Record your stuff and download. Pretty cool haan?

Well well well, all done, but what about classes? We still have to visit them right? We have to walk torturous 300 meters. Even the attendance restriction was not enough to students to get out of rooms. Even if they come to class the only person awake was the professor. As I mentioned, technology is growing up fast, faculty decided to put up video conferencing across the LAN. After all, faculty wants students to learn right? So why not be in your room and listen to lectures? Students were so happy that they became sincere since now you can be even being lazy. Laziness, the monster had zero effect on the way of students gaining knowledge from professors.

Some people started becoming sick because of in-ambulance, mess food traveled up to their rooms. Of course there are people who sabotage the system all the time, they mocked being sick just for bringing food at the laps. Mess people thought of it as a business and started serving food at door steps in return of extra cost.

Still something is missing right? The 10 meters far away bathroom! What to do about it? Some intel inside boys talked to our caretaker with the excuse that, sometimes bathrooms are full and thus classes are missed, and asked for special arrangements of sanitary stuff. A bathroom extension was put up in every room which was built up as a module on the real bathroom. Soon real bathrooms became haunted as no one visits them.

OBH rooms with bathroom extension

The IIIT server room is at the middle of the campus now to grant maximum bandwidth to everyone all the time since that is the bloodline of everyone. It was made powerful and a little hifi looking from outside.

Server room of IIIT made stronger

More projects started coming up and were usable. Language and speech systems thanks to LTRC now we can give commands to your computers and get the job done. Embedded systems and CVIT researches could solve various problems of helpful robots. CDE projects made the whole entertainment and knowledge system of IIIT centralized and rapidly accessible. AI and ACT department made an AI for the server room so that it doesn’t needs a sys admin all the time to look after it. It maintains itself now. No need of even Appaji! Server room is secure and thus handles all records properly. Online banking etc. threw away financial officials from here.

What is the purpose of going out of the room now? I don’t find any. Even going up to the door doesn’t make sense to me. Who knows if we are locked from outside? Who cares?

Years passed away. We need to remember the very old Darwins theory again at this point. Since knowledge started increasing, brain size of IIITians increased enomorously. All became bald. Hands and legs became redundant and thus became non existent. IIITians thus emerged as a new species of worms.

Comparison of a IIITian in year 2006 and a current IIITian

Who knows what happens in the outside world? Do seniors actually go out of this place after 4th yr? After they pass out? Who knows? All answers are with server room, but no one dares to go close to it since its AI has developed skills to protect itself from hostility. It has become monstrous.

Of course everyone loves the truth whether it is sour or sweet. One of the worms tried to crawl out of the place with extreme difficulty and was horrified to investigate that the whole IIIT system is actually just a setup for Indian military experiments. All faculties are a part of this setup or you can say they are kind of agents. It was a setup from the day IIIT came up and the long time experiment is still going on.

This one boy (worm) came back to tell everyone the truth by email spamming to other IIIT boys. Of course due to extreme knowledge and skills, these guys realized how useful those hands and legs were which they used to have. So they built physical systems and hardware for themselves over some years. This physical system along with a worm inside was tagged Doom. Many dooms blew out of their rooms and revolted against the Indian military.

Doom x8600_4096

When they declared war against Indian military, they came to know that even US military was not in a situation to fight only a 2000 army of dooms. Reason? IIIT server room has taken over the whole world and is controlling human life. Of course we never knew.

This intellectual crowd of IIIT realized that how bad it was to be lazy, how bad it was to stay in rooms all the time, how bad it was to become immobile, that has brought world to this pity condition. They felt guilty seeing what have they done to the world. They decided to destruct the server room and once a IIITian thinks of something he just does it, right? They made themselves full of gadgets, special shield penetrating weapons, ammos and marched to the server room.

War of dooms (IIITians) against IIIT server room

After a one year war, 1000 IIITians gave their lives to destroy server room and thus bring human life a new beginning from start. All IIITians decided to transform themselves from worms to humans as special surgery is available these days. Also they decided that no humans should remember the painful days of server room’s tyranny. They made all humans as well as IIITians forget the time after March 15, 2006 till now and of course set back everything to old 2006’s time so that when you wake up, you think March 14, 2006 was the previous day of your life.

I am one of the worms who is recording all the above information with the help of seniors and various other resources. This document is hidden so will not get deleted when reverting back process is going on. As with everyone, even I won’t remember anything courtesy the Google’s memory remover. I hope I myself don’t believe in this when I am seeing this document being in 2006 again, since current days are seriously horrible. I prefer if everyone considers this document as a fiction and not the truth. Thank you god! I want to type on hardware called keyboard with my humanly fingers again, I want to do a process known as walking again, I want to compute on an antic AMD64, ATI-x1800 system again, I want to…

31 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. Awesome imagination !!! but i think quake3 , matrix trilogies and numerous other insanities have started to show their affect on his brain 🙂

  2. Hey worm,I just felt so lucky when i was typing this message from my own humanly fingers…Sexy Job dude!!!Just Another Worm [Don’t Panic]

  3. simply awesome!! phodu imagination !! Gosh, tht was really a horrible future. Thanx to tht one worm, tht we r safe in our room. n still in front of out PC :D.

  4. Thnk u, thnk u! This post was a little hardwork. Akshay and Yash as well encouraged/helped me 2 brain storm on this (guess where? mess table of course). There are some spelling mistakes in the post, my apologies for them. BTW plz dont infer anything from the post, its just a fiction.

  5. A legendary post … an absolute IIITian classic 😀Coming to think of it … the resistance, the IIITian team from the real world.. against a seemingly invincible metallic army of dooms ..wah! Now thats the most AWEsome version of JUDGEMENT DAY !!

  6. Helluva post !! Gr8 work !!Wonder how you “brain-shots” and “class-aparts” managed to overlook the easy solution,could have had such a short-fast-easy way out .. mind activating yourselves and start dancing!Complete remedy to hair-fall and loss-of-limbs .And then combined with your meant-only-for males knowledge/logic you would have done a great job without taking the lives of 1000 IIITians !!!

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